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44th Triennial Council Will Meet in Colorado: October 8-10, 2015

The Phi Beta Kappa Society's 44th Triennial Council will take place in Denver, Colorado, on October 8-10, at the Westin Hotel in downtown Denver.  Society Executives and the Senate will join delegates from Phi Beta Kappa’s 283 chapters and more than 50 associations to discuss and decide on items from the chartering of new Phi Beta Kappa chapters to policies affecting the Society as a whole.

Phi Beta Kappa members are welcome to attend the Council lectures and events.  At the Council registrants will:

  • Engage with Phi Beta Kappa's academic and alumni membership.
  • Meet with outstanding scholars and researchers.
  • Attend lectures on a variety of topics in the liberal arts and sciences.
  • Explore the Mile High City.  

For more information contact Rhiana Quick or call (202) 745-3235. 


Bulletin of the 43rd Triennial Council Meeting

The official record of the proceedings of our gathering in Palm Beach, Florida, August 2-4, 2012 is now available on our website. The Council Bulletin is posted under Palm Beach, Florida, below the 'Past Council Dates and Locations' heading.    

Members are able to view the minutes below, under the Palm Beach, Florida, bullet. In order to cut down on cost as well as to conserve paper, we are planning a limited print run and will only send a paper copy to each chapter and association on request.  Please email the Coordinator of Administration if you would like a hard copy.   

Triennial Council

The legislative body of the Phi Beta Kappa Society is the Council, which convenes every three years to transact business for the Society as a whole. The Council has the sole authority to charter new chapters. Delegates to the Council are the representatives of the Phi Beta Kappa chapters and associations. They are elected for a term of three years, with each chapter electing up to three delegates and each association (with 25 or more members) electing one delegate. Associations of 200 or more members may elect two delegates.

The first eight Triennial Councils (1883-1904) met at Saratoga Springs, New York. Since then, the Council has convened in different regions of the country, for many years on the campuses of colleges or universities with chapters, and more recently, off-campus in cities with one or more chapters or associations.

Past Council Dates and Locations

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